Two Months Old

27 Jun

IMG_9979IMG_9972IMG_0006IMG_9974IMG_9976IMG_0009 It’s crazy how quickly the past couple of months has disappeared. We are approaching the end of the newborn stage and as amazing as the first few weeks of life are, it’s also exciting to witness the emergence of a baby’s personality. From what I can tell, this little girl is easy-going, highly social, and loves to smile. She has us all completely wrapped around her itty-bitty finger and we spend a lot of the day talking in funny, high pitched baby voices (except my husband, of course :-)) and kissing her belly. Keep up the good work, baby J. We love, love, love you! xo

Love Bug

22 Jun

IMG_9785IMG_9776Can’t you just see the love?! These girls make me feel like the luckiest lady – and perhaps the most tired too. But it’s so worth it…

p.s. these photos are from a few weeks ago – baby J was just over 6 weeks old.


This Newborn Phase

13 Jun

2015-04-30 17.302015-04-30 20.52IMG_94532015-05-08 11.482015-05-06 16.142015-05-04 14.402015-05-08 16.352015-05-12 14.172015-05-12 15.26IMG_9437IMG_9538IMG_9523IMG_9522IMG_9573IMG_9583IMG_9613IMG_9497IMG_9588IMG_9593It’s been just over six weeks since baby J made her way into our world and we are just wild about her. From her little old man do, to the way she shouts “HEY!” when she wants some attention, this good-natured baby has stolen all of our hearts. And even though I know we’re all pretty exhausted as we navigate through this newborn phase again, it’s a good exhausted. This time we were slightly more prepared for the ups and downs of the first few months with a new baby, and there are parts of it that I wish would stay around forever: That sweet newborn smell, teeny tiny kissable feet, and those little toothless grins – it’s all so delicious!

The past couple of weeks has been full of smiles and lots of newborn chatter, it feels like this little one has a lot to say. Maybe it’s something about being a second child – she just knows that she’s going to need to speak up if she’s going to be heard over big sister! And big sister is still pretty smitten with her new little friend, except maybe when she can’t hear Daniel Tiger in the morning over baby screams. And there’s definitely been a learning curve when it comes to not getting all the attention. But I think it’s a good thing and we are doing our best to make her feel special in her new role, she really is doing a great job at being a big sister.

As for me, I have been trying to soak in and appreciate these moments – I now know how quickly they slip away. In the blurry eyed days of our first little girl I remember thinking that the days would last forever and perhaps I was focusing too much on how tired I was, what I was not accomplishing around the house, and the fabulous meals I was not making. This time around I’m trying to just be thankful for these moments and let a lot of things slide in the housekeeping department, dumb down our meals a bit, spend more time tickling little toes, cuddling on the couch, and making silly high pitch baby noises. It will be our last few months together before J heads off to Kindergarten (!) which some days feels like it can’t come soon enough, and on others it makes me the littlest bit sad that our special time at home together is coming to a close. Mostly I just feel lucky and blessed to have another little person to nourish and raise. The love and energy that these little girls bring to our home is truly a gift.


A Sister!

28 May


On April 27th at 11:18  p.m. we welcomed a healthy, beautiful, 8 pound baby girl! She is loved beyond words and has made for one very proud, very happy big sister. Seeing J meet her new little sister (whose name also starts with a J – so I guess we’ll have to call her ‘baby J’ until I think of something better) put a big-happy lump in my throat and was one of the greatest gifts of motherhood to-date. I can’t wait to see their relationship grow over the years and hope that they are the best of friends. Sisters are pretty fantastic and I am so thrilled that J and baby J have each other to share this life with.

The past four weeks have whizzed by in a bit of a blur, but we are getting the hang of the newborn grind after a 5 year hiatus. We are tired for sure: getting woken up every two or three hours is never all that fun, and I am sort of dying for a five-hour stretch of sleep (!), but now that we’ve reached the smiling stage it’s those gummy grins that make those wake up calls so worthwhile. And being surrounded by family this time around has been amazing and I’m feeling a little bit spoiled. Plus I am lucky to have a little helper around who is always eager to grab a burp cloth or diaper, open a door, or just make funny faces and happy noises for her little sister – I should mention that she also enjoys poking her baby sister’s chubby cheeks, putting stickers on her face and leaving sticky lollipop kisses on her head. So far though, baby J doesn’t seem to mind all this extra ‘love’ and I am sure that these two girls will be a constant source of entertainment in the months and years to come.

I think I have zillion pictures of the cuteness of the past month and I hope to share some of them in this space. But first…sleep.

Hunting for ‘Wabbits’ and Easter Eggs

13 Apr

IMG_9214IMG_9215IMG_9217What better day to go ‘wabbit’ hunting than on Easter Sunday? We couldn’t think of one so we hopped (yup) in the car after breakfast and drove over to Jericho Park. We weren’t the only family with little ones who thought that might be a good idea, but it wasn’t too crazy. We lucked out with a friendly bunny right away and from there on in J was on a mission to find and feed bunnies. She quickly realized that patience and slow movements was the ticket to feeding bunnies and she even managed to feed two itty bitty baby bunnies.

IMG_9228IMG_9227Pointing at her brother or sister who is due to make an appearance any day now!

IMG_9250Later in the afternoon we strolled to Stanley park to see if the bunny left any eggs. Go figure, he did. J was just a little bit excited.



IMG_9236IMG_9243IMG_9255I asked my sister to take a family photo of us three (and Pee Wee) in front of some pretty flowers. But J insisted on standing in front of these trees. And arguing with a five-year old who’s hopped up on sugar is dangerous territory. So we just went with it.

IMG_9256Pretty soon we will be a family of four. For the most part I think J is pretty excited. But there was a moment the other day when she realized that she would be sharing her room with Pee Wee and I think it took her by surprise. She quickly told me that she could just close her door so Pee Wee couldn’t get in. Things are about to get entertaining.

Here’s a look back at a few Easter posts – HEREHERE, HERE. And Pee Wee, you will be too big next year for me to do this awful thing to you – J, I’m sorry, this was even pre-Pinterest days…what is it about putting a baby in a basket? Poor kid!

JCS March and April 073

Baking in the third trimester

3 Mar

IMG_9056So we’re literally on the home stretch over here, stretch being the operative word! Baby’s (Pee Wee) due date is fast approaching, and with a self-imposed, but still somewhat crucial, to-do list on my brain, I’d like to start ticking things off the list. But then wants are sometimes trumped by what our body will actually allow, and these days my body seems to want nothing more than to lay on the couch – tough to do for a person who likes to be on the move. Of course every day is different, and some days I have tons of energy and feel ready to tackle all sorts of things, but the other day was not one of them. Practice contractions and light-headedness was the theme of the day and I was actually convinced that this baby was going to make an early appearance. But you can only hang out on a couch so long with a five year old on the scene, so we got down to the business of making something tasty so that we would not drive each other too crazy in this little apartment. I’ve had this old-fashioned blueberry crumb cake on my craving list since last summer when a friend made it for her little girl’s first birthday. It’s super moist and has just the right amount of sweet. J probably would have been happy just to eat the streusel but we held off and made the cake. It was pretty easy and we’ll be keeping this one in rotation for sure.

IMG_9037IMG_9041IMG_9045 J was so focused on her job that she was doing cute little concentration things with her lips…


Here’s the link to the recipe if you’d like to try it. Make sure you butter the pan generously and let the cake cool completely on a rack before your try to remove it. A springform pan isn’t suggested in the recipe but it might make life a bit easier next time around.

p.s. the first picture of the post is pretty much what my belly looks like right now. I am not sure how my body is going to keep growing for a further 7 weeks (I don’t think I have enough skin left!) but assuming this baby is happy on the inside for the next month and a bit, there might be one or two more baking posts.


Pink Marshmallows

7 Feb

IMG_8995IMG_8991IMG_8975I can’t say I’ve ever had a marshmallow craving. And I’m not sure what inspired me to make these (pregnancy?), but since it’s February, we naturally wanted to make them pink. I’d really like to tell you how hard I worked to make these little pink pillows, but honestly, it was one of the easier things I’ve ever made, and pretty fun, too!

IMG_8977IMG_8982I guess the toughest part was just the cutting them into cubes, but after looking up a few tips, we were on a roll.

IMG_9002This one thought they were pretty delicious and we’re thinking that with all the rain in the forecast that we’ll be simmering some hot cocoa tomorrow and dunking in pink marshmallows. To quote from one of J’s favourite book characters (Fancy Nancy) – Double yum!

IMG_9003IMG_9012Dusting off those sugary fingers.

IMG_9020Don’t you think these would be perfect at a baby girl shower? Or making a few different colours and handing them out instead of goodie bags at a kids’ birthday party. Or just eating all of them yourself?!

I used this recipe and modified it a bit by adding 5 or 6 drops of food colouring to make them pink. Also, stole a few tips from some other sites, like using a pizza cutter to make the squares, adding a little cornstarch to the powdered sugar, and next time I’ll be sure to spray some baking spray on the bottom of the pan (or use parchment paper) as many other recipes suggest. Having a candy thermometer is crucial so if you don’t have one, it’s worth grabbing at a kitchen supplies store – not expensive and comes in handy for caramels and other fun things.

IMG_8998I almost forgot the best part – these require no baking. You just whip them up and let them sit on your table overnight until they firm up. They will last in an airtight container for up to ten days. But I hunch these will not last even half that long…haha.

Happy February! And p.s. last year’s Valentine’s treat.


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