Hey, Boy!

Warmer days call for some outdoor fun! Time to dust off the cruiser – or as He likes to call it, “the magic school bus” – and start peddling. She has been pretty pumped to chill on the backseat and shout things like “go mamma, go!”, “peddle faster!” and my favourite, “you can do it!” Just to clarify, my cruiser (which will now be referred to as the MSB) is sans gears, so it is in fact helpful to have the cheering squad in the background.

The other day while cruising for new playgrounds, we stopped for a tourist shot on the beach, (thank you to the man who snapped this shot of the two of us) then cruised on along the seawall until we found a spot to have lunch and play. Pretty sure the highlight of She’s afternoon was when a crow ate my tuna sandwich (She had already eaten hers so she thought it was pretty cool that the crow “ate your lunch!”.  The highlight in my mind, however, was when She and a three year old boy stood together in amazement over a couple of ants at work. The conversation – which was really just She talking to the boy beside her – went something like this: “hey, boy!” “You see dat ant, boy?” You see dat, boy?”. Boy nods. Oh boy, did I laugh…



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