Breakfast Smoothie?

He winces every time he looks at what i’m about to feed his daughter – and I know that i’m never going to convince him to try this….but, she thinks that it’s “tasty”.  And I give myself a little pat on the back when I find sneaky ways to pack a few more veggies into our little toddler’s diet. What’s the green stuff you ask? Spinach. The orange? Baby carrots. Add some cranberry juice, a couple of ice cubes, toss ’em in the blender and we’re in business.

Next ingredient to try in our breakfast smoothie: hemp hearts (thanks for the idea, Vanessa!)


One thought on “Breakfast Smoothie?

  1. > Good for you girl. Love that smoothie and photo. I am also having a smoothie each day with spinach in it. as well as the fruit. I also add parsley if I have it. I just eat my hemp hearts by the spoonful because I love the taste of them. There is a good source in Alberta to get them for half of the local price . Perhaps you might like to go in on my next order and Carla could bring them down after she has visited here.

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