Pumpkin Risotto

Happy October!

We’ve had lots of sunny days in Vancouver lately but there’s just enough nip in the air to start cooking some food that sticks to your ribs.  One of my favourite fall dishes is risotto.  We’ve been making it for years but don’t often deviate from our go-to recipe (roasted red peppers and roasted garlic), so it was fun to mix it up a bit with this colourful pumpkin risotto.  I found the recipe on this beautiful blog (thanks ladies!).

Since He is not a big fan of vegetarian meals, I seared off a pork tenderloin, but I could have happlily skipped on the meat.  I also had an acorn squash kicking around  so I decided to roast that and add it during the liquid phase.  It complemented the risotto quite nicely, I thought.

I’m looking forward to experimenting with some more tasty risottos and (thanks to my mother-in-law :-)) I have just the book to make that happen – jamie’s italy, by Jamie Oliver is sitting on my kitchen table and is loaded with to die for risotto dishes.  Next risotto on my to-do list: risotto ai funghi e prezzemolo (roasted mushroom risotto with parsley).  According to Jamie, “it’s big and ballsy and  you’ll love it!”.  Sounds good, Jamie, I’m in.


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