Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie. The perfect comfort food. I was raised on this dish, and somehow, even though we ate it several times a month, it remained a crowd pleaser. I’m sure I must have watched my mom and nana make this hundreds of times over the years. Now that I have a little family of my own, I totally get why this old school dish keeps getting invited back into the kitchen. It’s easy. You can make it ahead of time. It’s cost effective and it covers all the food bases. One dish. Perfect.

The other day, I was feeling particularly organized and decided to stock up a bit. Instead of making one big casserole, I prepared two little ones for the evening, two more for the freezer (using to-go containers) as well as a care package. Now if I could do this with a few more dishes and get the entire freezer stocked up, I’d be really impressed with myself.

As far as a recipe goes, I’ve been making this for years using my nana’s recipe (so delicious!) But I found Gordon Ramsey’s recipe awhile ago, and also really enjoy his – probably because of the healthy dose of red wine that he adds. Β He uses lamb – I always use ground beef – but given the name (Shepherd’s pie) I’m guessing that lamb would be the classic choice.

Staying true to the theme of quick, easy and tasty, I’ll be looking for another family-friendly casserole to try in the coming weeks. Keep you posted.


6 thoughts on “Shepherd’s Pie

  1. Yummy! I did check out his recipe and would be happy to try it with the little extras, including the wine( if I have one bottle opened) and the parmesan cheese. Glad you still kept the nanalicious fork marks πŸ™‚

    1. You bet I did! I also skimmed out some of the fat, (Nana used to do that) then sprinkled some flour over the ground beef (before adding some stock) to create a nice gravy.

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