Naptime is OVER!

Okay, not really. She still naps pretty religiously each day for an hour…or two (if we’re lucky). And even if she doesn’t fall asleep, she’ll at the very least play happily (read: scatter toys and books everywhere!) and sing in her room long enough for me to get dinner on the go. But a few weeks ago, I knew that naptime truly was over (at least for that day) when she emerged from her room, smug smile on her face – looking like she just came from a kick-ass Mardi Gras party – and told me in an authoritative voice, “naptime is OVER!”. I tried (without success) not to laugh, and then agreed, “Yes, naptime is over”.

P.S. Don’t worry, Great Grandpa, I’ve moved the beads somewhere out of reach, I’m a worrywart too 🙂


5 thoughts on “Naptime is OVER!

      1. Why do you think I took so many sleeping children photos ? Absolutely angelic when sleeping.

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