Lights for our little monkey…

It feels a bit early for Christmas lights – the Halloween decorations are barely down and I just pitched the last of the pumpkin seeds. But the season always disappears so fast that I want to take some time to enjoy it this year, and more importantly, watch our little monkey enjoy it. She was over the moon when we hung these the other night. One simple string of coloured lights, that’s it.

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I remember as a young child, looking at Christmas lights in awe and thinking that they represented something so magical. And indeed they did: They meant that cheerful festive music would play (and my parents would  sing along), that mandarin oranges would be our everyday snack, that rum balls and peanut butter balls and nuts and bolts would be cranked out of the kitchen, and every so often we’d hear about Santa and his proverbial ‘naughty list’ (incidentally, I never made it on to that list). But most of all, I remember it being a happy time. Sure there were presents (which no doubt added to the happiness), but above all, it was a feeling. I think, just maybe, I saw a little bit of that feeling emerging in the wee one’s eyes the other night when we hung this one little strand of coloured lights…


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