The Santa Claus Parade…Sort of

IMG_2591IMG_2565Here’s a few photos of pre-parade action. The actual parade started at 1:00 (a.k.a. naptime), so it’s no big surprise that after mailing a letter to Santa, making (and eating!) and giant gingerbread cookie, jumping in mud puddles (did I mention it was pouring rain?!) and hitting up the face painting, it was time to check out. We skipped out before the floats even made an appearance, and before the sugar really kicked in. Something we might not be able to pull off so flawlessly next year when She starts noticing, hey, you said we were going to a parade…? What the what?!


On our way out, Auntie and I decided to sample a japadog. Hmmm….not sure I need to do that again anytime soon. Dried seaweed on a hot dog sounded like a good idea at the time. Maybe not so much…



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