Seattle 2012: Saturday

For a couple of years now, The Dahlia Lounge has been our go-to weekend breakfast place in Seattle. The food is always ridiculously delicious, made with lots of creative and fresh ingredients, and the venue itself is perfect for our large group of ladies.

* The second photo is my breakfast that morning: Bacon and Delicata Hash with fennel, cabbage, honey crisp apples, fonduta and poached egg. Can we say yum? Yum. And as long as we’re talking about tasty food, the mini doughnuts (before breakfast!) served with mascarpone and jam, well…let’s be honest, who doesn’t like mini doughnuts?
Seattle Day Two - 02 Seattle Day Two - 03 Seattle Day Two - 01 Seattle Day Two - 04Seattle Day Two - 05 Seattle Day Two - 06 Seattle Day Two - 07

Seattle Day Two - 08 Seattle Day Two - 09Saturday night, we were lucky enough to score The Kitchen Table at Serious Pie. Something about sitting around a giant prep table (the same table that cranks out fresh pizza dough all day!) makes you feel like you’re just hanging out in a friend’s kitchen (okay, so I don’t have any friends with kitchens quite like this…but maybe one day?). It was such a great evening, of course the pizza was dynamite, and we’re all still wondering if we can replicate the kale salad, but the entire vibe of the place, from the lighting to the family-style dining, it was just super cool. It’s almost like a trip to Seattle would not be complete without a visit to this tasty joint. Thanks to all the ladies who got the ball rolling on this night!
Seattle Day Two - 18 Seattle Day Two - 20 Seattle Day Two - 14 Seattle Day Two - 13

Seattle Day Two - 21 Seattle Day Two - 11 Seattle Day Two - 17 Seattle Day Two - 12 Seattle Day Two - 16 Seattle Day Two - 10 Seattle Day Two - 22Seattle Day Two - 19


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