Bright Lights

At the beginning of the month she and I  picked up “The Greats” and took a little trip to the Stanley Park Christmas Train..

Bright Lights - 01

A frosty high-five was a perfect start to the night…

Bright Lights - 02And I really loved this edible looking character…

Bright Lights - 03

She on the other hand, was not so sure…

Bright Lights - 04

But the dancing Travolta reindeer was a big hit – with audiences of all ages!

Bright Lights - 06

Bright Lights - 05

I think she was pretty mesmerized by all the lights, this was a common look on her face throughout the night.

Bright Lights - 07

Aw, and here’s my favourite shot of the night. She doesn’t even know how lucky she is to have Great Grandparents. But she sure does love them.

Bright Lights - 09Bright Lights - 11 Bright Lights - 10 Bright Lights - 08

And after she convinced her Great Grandpa that she needed a GIANT pretzel, and after the fireman at the front gates convinced me that she needed a toque full of candy canes, we somehow convinced her that it was time head home.


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