The North Pole

A.K.A. Grouse Mountain – but when you’re just shy of three, it’s the North Pole, and I must say, with the amount of snow we saw yesterday, it sure felt like the North Pole, and very Christmassy, and quite magical. Oh, yeah, and cold. Really cold. Even She eventually said, “let’s go inside, it doesn’t snow inside”.  Of course we had good reason to brave the cold weather: a last minute visit to Santa and his Reindeer. She played a little bit shy at first, but eventually had a few words with the man in the red suit, who, by the way, promised her a dolly. Looks like I need to make a last-minute shopping trip. If any of our Santa pictures turn out, they will be posted in the coming days…stay tuned.

IMG_2737 IMG_2740 IMG_2747 IMG_2764 IMG_2778 IMG_2784 IMG_2828 IMG_2837 IMG_1232 IMG_1239 IMG_1241 IMG_2856 IMG_1251 IMG_1259 IMG_2782 IMG_1265

P.S. 4 more sleeps…


One thought on “The North Pole

  1. A great trip to the North Pole we had a good time and Julia really had fun. Sure was a lot of snow, really makes Christmas a lot of fun.

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