Clean Eats

We’re still on this cleanse for a few more days. So far so good – but as long as we’re coming clean…I’ve cheated a few times, nothing crazy… a little bite of chocolate here and there. Perhaps one of those homemade peanut butter cookies that HE made (why?!) and maybe one or five Miss Vickie’s (craving the salt and the crunch). But for the most part, we’ve been good. Here’s a few recent bits and bites:

Omelet stuffed with goat cheese. Arugula, pomegranate and banana sides. Simple and tasty.
Rye crisps with avocado and sea salt.
Rye crisps with avocado and sea salt. This will be a new staple snack around here.
Coriander pork tenderloin with roast potatoes and, steamed brocoli and arugula.
Coriander pork tenderloin with, steamed brocoli, roasted red potoatoes and arugula. Tasty but I wish I had marinated for longer.
Fried egg with arugula and chili sauce (I added quinoa). I could eat this breakfast all the time.
Warm brussels sprout slaw. Growing up these were called one of two things: poison balls or green grenades. Not the case any more.
Miso marinated flank steak over arugula. Roasted beets side. I had to drive across town for flank steak, I won’t rush to do this again, nothing beats the BBQ.
We made this one up: Seared thyme-garlic chicken, roasted fennel, garlic, carrots and red potatoes. This one was a hit with the wee one!
And then mid-cleanse, he rolls out with these ultimate peanut butter cookies…thanks, husband.

Seven down, seven to go. I feel like once this is over we’re both going to be craving the biggest, dirtiest hamburger in town, but for now, we’re on a roll and feeling pretty good about it.

6 thoughts on “Clean Eats

  1. Quinoa is fabulous and has been such a discovery for me, keeps you full and very gentle for your stomach! Such delicious looking food you’ve got here!! Good for you for sticking to your cleanse!!

  2. That all looks pretty tasty – dieting can’t be bad when you have food like THAT to eat. I’ve been pretty impressed so far with the 17-day diet., too Currently on day 3 of the first 17-day cycle. Early days. Will have more to tell as time goes by…

    1. Thank you, and to be honest, it doesn’t really feel like a diet since we’re never hungry. The 17-day diet looks interesting (I just checked it out) congrats and keep up the good work!

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