This little two-year-old…

…is almost three!

IMG_1779IMG_2213 IMG_1694

I’m sure that most parents probably feel this way, but wow, babies grow into little kids so fast! The past three (nearly) years have really whizzed by. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the baby left and the little kid entered, but all of a sudden I find myself having serious (mostly seriously funny) conversations with this little person and it amazes me.


IMG_2242 IMG_2171One of my favourite moments last week was when she came running into the living room saying “smell my finger – does it smell princessy?” She had dipped one of her fingers into her Disney chapstick (perfect). I think the answer she was looking for was, “yes!”. Because everyone knows that princesses have strawberry scented fingers, right?


I love that she loves this bunny so much. It was a gift that she received nearly three years ago and she has not parted with it since. At first we named it “bunny boy” then one day she exclaimed “no, she’s a girl!”. Who knew? Eventually, she adopted the name “Angelina”, and most recently she refers to bunny as “her child”. What ever the name might be, this is one crazy-loved, dirty, pilly, been-through-the-washer-half-a-dozen-times bunny. And I think he/she is here to stay.

IMG_2217 Daddy is our go-to fort builder around here, but the other day I tried my hand as a blanket architect. I failed miserably – bless her heart, she didn’t notice.


Good-bye little two-year-old, thank you for all that you have taught me. You’re amazing! xo

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