Last night we said goodnight to our wee two-year-old for the very last time – and this morning we’ll celebrate birthday number three! Three. It sounds so old somehow. How did we get here so fast? The last few years feel like a bit of a blur. Not in the same punishing way as my twenties. Ahem. But in a really gratifying and challenging way. It’s so crazy when I look back at this amazing day, (here) then birthday number one, (here) and finally number two (here) and realize, yeah, she really is a big girl now. I just want to bottle up some of the cuteness and stash it away somewhere for a rainy day. Moments like yesterday afternoon when she was “teaching” me how best to eat my soup by dipping the bread in the broth and then sucking it out. Okay. Thanks, tips. Then when I told her that I had no more broth she said, “I’ll share mine with you mama, here”. It’s those sweet moments that I treasure so much…and I think three will have many more of those…along with a good dash of sassy to keep us on our toes. 😉

Here’s a few photos from our walk in the park yesterday. It was a beautiful, sunny Vancouver day and the perfect day for photos. My husband recently commented that I am a “fair-weather-photographer”. Touché.


Happy Birthday, ladybug!

We love you! xo

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