Celebrating Three – part 1

IMG_2787IMG_2821Here comes the little birthday girl…

IMG_2831IMG_2833 …and there’s a little pair of skates for later on…

IMG_2861Two little fairies chasing balloons

IMG_2856Scoping out the present table

IMG_2953Isnt’ that the sweetest cake?! It was made with love by thing two’s parents. Not only was it adorable but it was delicious too! *Confession* I ate a slice for dinner…and then more at breakfast. And maybe some the following afternoon…

IMG_2844IMG_2869IMG_2810IMG_2804IMG_2877IMG_2893 IMG_2879IMG_2894IMG_2906 IMG_2898IMG_2918 IMG_2931IMG_2924IMG_2930IMG_2943 IMG_2942 IMG_2941IMG_2947Question: how long does it take for a three-year-old to unwrap a dozen birthday presents? Answer: forever! But it was pretty cute to watch (or at least her mom thought so).

IMG_2960 Thank goodness this little fairy was there to keep the present unwrapping on track – or we might still be unwrapping presents!

IMG_2965 IMG_2968 I completely butchered the cake. Although, I must say, I’ve never cut a fairy mushroom cake before…

IMG_2973This sugar fairy came home with us. I couldn’t bring myself to throw her away so she lived on the counter for a few days…

Thanks to J.S. & C.M. for helping with the photography 🙂


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