Celebrating Three – part 2

Here we go with the skating portion of the party! Thank goodness we had a crew of ex-hockey players and figure skaters with us, not to mention one very crazy confident new skater, no names mentioned….

IMG_2974 IMG_2979 IMG_3013 IMG_3050 IMG_3023 IMG_3020 IMG_3035 IMG_3036 IMG_3029 IMG_3030Can you spot the fearless skater?

IMG_3019IMG_3039There’s our cheerleaders…

IMG_3041 IMG_3047 IMG_3052Time for one last balloon dance party with Auntie D

IMG_3057I think it’s safe to say that we all had a super fun day! Looking forward to some more ice time this season – seems like it would be the perfect thing to do on those rainy Vancouver days where getting wet is so not going to happen.

Thanks for the fun, folks. P.S. word on the street is that next year’s party we’re rolling with an MJ theme. I like it. She has really been into Billie Jean this week and we’ve been practicing our moon walk. Is it too early to start planning the next party? xo

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Three – part 2

  1. These are great! She looks like she had a perfect day 🙂 How in the world can you take such good shots while skating even? Oh, and your sister is awesome!

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