A visit from Flat Stanley

Have you ever heard of flat Stanley? I hadn’t either but a few days ago we received a visit from him, and I love what  he’s all about. He’s created by little people and shared via mail (or digitally with the Flat Stanley app) so that kids can connect with other kids then track and write about his adventures. Fun, right?! Kind of like the gnome who travels around the world while his travel companions document the adventure with photos. On second thought, the gnome is usually abducted. By strangers. So maaaybe not the best example. Find out more about Flat Stanley by clicking here.

IMG_3143Flat Stanley met some of our pals

IMG_3162And had a cup of chamomile tea


IMG_3166He was a little home sick, so she gave him a kiss

IMG_3155He tagged along with us to the pool

IMG_3015For some reason he didn’t feel like swimming, but he had a great time watching us splash around

IMG_3018Our visit was short and sweet, but we’re sure glad that we met him. Special thanks to the Hopley family for sending Flat Stanley our way, we look forward to hearing about the rest of his adventures 🙂

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