We need some fresh air

Clouds and kleenex have been the theme around here this week so it’s been a bit of a chore to convince this three-year-old to go outside…or for that matter, to put on anything other than pajamas. And I can’t really blame her. I’m all about hanging out in PJ’s – mostly because it never happens any more. Comfy and cozy rule the day when you’re sick, but as any parent knows, you can only stay indoors with a small child for so long before you go a little bit crazy. So I’ve been using lots of bribes incentives to get her outdoors so that we can get some fresh air and stretch our legs. Great Grandparents, swans and muffins were all I needed in my arsenal to get two little feet moving the other day. And as luck would have it, we saw a bonus heron and a few pretty signs that spring is on its way!IMG_3360IMG_3363 IMG_3368IMG_3365 IMG_3377 IMG_3371IMG_3358 IMG_3421IMG_3404 IMG_3398IMG_3412 IMG_3422 IMG_3424


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