Let’s Chalk!

We recently  turned our front entrance into one giant chalkboard. Or more accurately, my husband did. We’re talking making the most out of every single square inch in our tiny city apartment. Which, by the way, is not that small (according to more seasoned city folk). I remind myself of this all the time when I bump into something, or a tupperware container comes crashing down on me, or we have to turn up the T.V when we run the water in the kitchen. It’s big, I tell myself. Compared to a motor home, that is. But I digress, back to the chalkboard. It is, in fact, very big. And cool. And the best part is that our three-year-old can just “chalk” whenever she’s feeling, uh…inspired. And if I’m not mistaken, it’s really helped move things along in terms of her artistic abilities. It used to be snakes, snakes, and more snakes. Now it’s Mommy and Daddy (one recent drawing I was WAY bigger than daddy…what the what?!), and mermaids, and, and, and….

IMG_3614 IMG_3593 Okay, obviously she did not draw the creepy looking mermaid named Sally. Duh! I did. But she did draw the hair and the face on the small mermaid. Baby steps.

IMG_3624IMG_3574 Knock on wood, she has yet to draw on any of our other non-chalkboard walls. Let’s just knock one more time for good measure.

IMG_3628 I’m loving this new space for creativity and it’s not nearly as messy as I thought it would be. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth every now and again, and we’re in business. The only challenge? Remembering not to lean up against the wall on our way out. I got to the grocery store the other day, only to realize that my little side-kick and I looked like we fell into the flour. Lesson learned.



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