Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Ours was pretty mellow, lots of easy meals and not too much on the go – just the kind of weekend I was looking for. The sun made an appearance (yay!) which worked wonders for the general vibe in the city. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like people are quicker to say hello or smile (or both!) when the sun is shining. I know I feel better with a little dose of Vitamin D. The flowers are here, too, and the kid in the bunny glasses has been enthusiastically pointing out every single snow drop that she can find. “SNOW DROP, MOMMY!” I was excited the first eighteen times…but it is a welcome sight, I must admit. Other weekend things: skating lesson number three. It took a little work to pry wee hands off of me but, thank goodness, I did, and it was a good lesson, whew! But if I had to pick a single highlight of the weekend, it would be watching our three-year-old take off and put on her pajamas – wait for it… all by herself! It’s funny how such a small thing can feel so big, but in parent’s world, it’s huge, right?! Well, on that note, Happy Monday, it’s a soggy one out there, maybe if we all just wear bunny glasses on Mondays we’ll feel this happy?

IMG_1637* special thank you to Anna for the wonderful glasses…xo


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