Soup Trade

IMG_3893Ever tried a soup trade? My friend Leanne and I started doing this a few months ago: we send each other a few soup options to choose from, we each pick a soup to match our cravings and then make a date for the trade. We’ve done it three times now and both LOVE IT! It’s such a treat to receive homemade soup from a friend – especially one who is such an amazing cook. What’s better? A night out of the kitchen, almost no dishes and the perfect excuse to catch up with a friend…even if it’s just over a quick coffee on the way to work. 

IMG_3914 Here’s one we really love: Carrot Ginger Soup; it’s crazy-easy to make, jam-packed with flavour and I have nearly committed it to memory. You can find the recipe here.

It seems that the rain is here to stay so I can see many more soups trades in our future. But I’m hoping that come those fabulous spring and summer months this will evolve into a salad trade. You game, Olson?!


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