The Weekend

The weekend gets two thumbs up. Friday night was family pizza (plus some much-needed wine) night and a farewell to Grandma – who by now must have landed in India. Just in case she checks her computer, hey Grandma, we’re thinking about you!

Saturday night, thing two’s mama treated me to the ballet. It was my first time to Swan Lake and it was truly a beautiful performance. Thank you so much, C… I think you would have made an amazing swan đŸ™‚

IMG_1731 Sunday morning started out with this song. I seriously love this lady’s voice: it’s soulful and gritty and I think it has a bit of a Nina Simone quality to it. Hadn’t really paid any attention to this band before I saw them on SNL last month.


Sunday seems to have turned into the unofficial pancake day around here. I found a super yummy (and super easy!) pancake recipe that is now our go-to. You can find it HERE.

IMG_1727After pancakes, we strolled up for a little ice skating session. I am happy to report that everything went well and she was all smiles. At least for the lesson that is. As it turns out, walking home after the lesson (I needed to fill her stroller with the groceries) was NOT on her agenda for Sunday. Yep, I was that mother, you know, the one with the kid having a massive meltdown in the middle of the street. Gooood times. We needed to hit the reset button a bit.

IMG_1730 Since the sun decided to stick around all day, after naptime we joined thousands of other people (it’s like everyone came out of hibernation today) on the beach. I was happy to see kites and bikes and people playing guitars…all good signs that spring is on its way. Yay!

IMG_3935 IMG_3939 IMG_3976 IMG_3995 IMG_4000Here’s hoping for some more sunny days like Sunday. Have a great week…


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