To the Wack and Back

IMG_4114On Wednesday we packed up the car and headed to Chilliwack for the night to visit my dear friend Tash and her adorable family. It was a “girls only” trip and I must say, J was pretty pumped about it. I really think she enjoyed telling her father “GIRLS ONLY!”.

IMG_4086IMG_4109The lady on the right was working some serious magic in the kitchen during the evening. I really loved watching her in action…and it’s always a treat to taste a home cooked meal that you yourself did not make. Thanks again, Kristen!

IMG_4102IMG_4246There’s that baby! Love those chubby cheeks 🙂 I wonder if babies ever get tired of people squeezing them and telling them (in ridiculous high-pitched voices) how cute they are?IMG_4118Tash’s eleven year old nephew was soooo amazingly sweet to J and I think I might need to speak to his parents about an arranged marriage down the road. He was honestly the nicest boy I’ve ever met, and as you can see, he had J at hello.

IMG_4130IMG_4251IMG_4254IMG_4207IMG_4203 IMG_4139IMG_4197 IMG_4186Of course no party is complete without a tutu so that had to come along. Not much gets in between J and her tutu these days…

Thank you for a wonderful night, you guys, we had so much fun! Can’t wait for the next sleepover.


2 thoughts on “To the Wack and Back

  1. What a great batch of photos. Such a cute baby and that nephew looks like such a sweetie. Julia looks in awe of him.

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