“My shirt is in the toilet, mommy…”

So that was Monday night. Not exactly what any parent feels like hearing at the end of their day…half funny, half you have got to be freaking kidding me?! It was not the best moment in my day, that’s for sure. But stuff like that is part and parcel to little ones becoming independent. Lots of mistakes, lots of laughs (and tears)… and a whole lot of patience.

The past month has been a bit of a shocker in terms of how much J wants to do independently: from getting dressed/undressed by herself (incidentally, that’s how the t-shirt ended up in the toilet) to solo trips to the bathroom (which completely terrify me, for obvious reasons…) and yesterday, when she opened the fridge, she grabbed some carrots and took them to snack on. Carrots. I mean, really, can I give us a pat on the back? Lord knows I’ve been trying to cram vegetables into her since the day she turned 5 months old…it was a good moment. But my favourite moment, by far, this week was Monday night. We finally got J into bed at 8:30 (I’m sure it felt like 7:30 to her since the clocks went forward on Sunday) and at 9:00 we heard, “I have to pee”. No big surprise, it’s sort of her last hurrah every single night these days. So out she came to pee, then we hurried her back to bed. 9:30 rolled around, “there’s a hair in my mouth!”, she said, and out she came again so that her father could pull the hair out. He pretended to find one and then hustled her back to bed. At that point we thought, okay, that must be it. No such luck. At 10:15 we heard, “I’m hungry!”. Now normally we wouldn’t buy this, but she did skip lunch and go light on dinner, and I would’ve felt wicked sending a child to bed hungry. So there we sat at 10:30, under dimmed lights, whispering to each other (we told her that we had to whisper since it was the middle of the night), eating peanut butter sandwiches. Shit eating grin would be an accurate way to describe the look on our three-year-old’s face  at that moment…and then the giggling session started. It was like she had just pulled off the biggest scam of her life and she just had to laugh about it. Her dad started laughing with her (at her?), which, of course, got me laughing, too. I gotta say, I’m glad that she was “hungry” that night, it was a pretty sweet little moment – and I guess moments like that make up for having to fish a t-shirt out of the toilet every now and again.



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