IMG_4536Last weekend we packed our bags and took off to Saturna Island for a couple of days. We were expecting rainy days and prepared for a potentially soggy adventure…but as luck would have it, we couldn’t have asked for better weather! Of course, no rain meant more photos so I’m going to break this into two or three parts…I was predictable camera happy.

IMG_4459IMG_4427 IMG_4523IMG_4480IMG_4531 Not entirely sure what this is (was). I told J it was a deer skull. Perhaps one Auntie archaeologist could confirm?

IMG_4560 Okay, this was cool. Can’t say that I can ever remember coming across a random turkey (dinner) just strolling down the street…he was making a LOT of noise. I think I may have been more excited than our three-year-old. I love his detail (I think it’s a he) and colours –  it really does put a whole new spin on this year’s Easter Turkey dinner. Gobble gobble.

IMG_4567IMG_4595 IMG_4591 IMG_4598IMG_4614 IMG_4609East point Heritage building is a photographer’s dream. Needless to say, I was a pretty happy lady at this point. I know a million weddings must take place here: it really is the perfect backdrop, don’t you think?!

IMG_4622IMG_4634 IMG_4631IMG_4621IMG_4627 Can you see the huge sea lions on the rocks? I had to zoom in to see them but we added them to our wildlife checklist for the weekend.

IMG_4581 And speaking of wildlife, when was the last time you saw one of these dinosaurs?! This totally cracked me up. I mean really, it made me feel old. A phone booth. What’s better? It had a chair and a can of Kilkenny in it. Somehow this is awesome.

IMG_4587 We tried to convince J to go in for a picture but guess what? She was scared of it. Ha.

IMG_4584 So I did the honours. I really should have phoned someone and been like…”you’ll NEVER guess where I’m calling from…”

IMG_4652 Two arbutus trees stretching across the road? Check. Cute deer sighting to add to the wildlife checklist? Check.

IMG_4647 To be continued…


4 thoughts on “Saturna

  1. Wonderful! Looking forward to seeing the next batch. I love that drive with the arbutus trees as well. Quite magical !

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