At the playground on Saturna Island

IMG_4877 This was one of the best playgrounds ever. Why? A couple of reasons: for one, it was an old-school playground, you know the ones that you can actually get hurt on; the ones that we grew up with… and somehow survived. Complete with a tall, somewhat sketchy looking metal slide, gravel, a teeter-totter (why do these keep on disappearing from parks?) big huge tires – you get the idea. I read somewhere that the modern playgrounds don’t teach today’s kids to take calculated risks. Agreed. And they are just not as much fun. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m sure lots of parents will disagree and maybe it was just nostalgia kicking in, but I wish these playgrounds would make a comeback. But what really sold me on this playground, what really made it charming, was the fact that at least four kids’ bikes were scattered around in the grass. Not a child in sight (or one to be heard) – anywhere. And we hung out for a while. Clearly no bike theft problem on lovely Saturna Island. Something about those bikes made me fall in love with Saturna just a little bit more. Or maybe it was just the idea the children (and obviously their parents) weren’t worried about leaving the bikes there. They trusted that they would be there when they next went to ride. I thought that was cool.

IMG_4854IMG_4863I was so happy to grab the above shot. I think, given that it was my birthday, my camera-shy husband actually cracked a bit of a smile for me. What a guy…xo

p.s. I liked this article: Can a playground be too safe?


8 thoughts on “At the playground on Saturna Island

  1. Loved your write-up about the playground. The photo of daddy C and J was spectacular. Definitely frame worthy

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