She wants to ride her bicycle…

IMG_5111Yep, it’s a big first over here: a couple weeks ago, J got her very first bike. It’s tiny, it’s pink, it’s pedal-less and she LOVES it.

IMG_5125 I must say it’s a huge boon for me too! While it’s great to slowly saunter down the road, inspecting each and every flower, checking out worms, sitting on a bench…and then another bench, some days I really wish we could move just a touch faster. Cover a bit more ground. Well, now we can! I was actually running after that pink bike yesterday which was, well, a little more my speed. You know?

IMG_5144 Don’t worry, we still take time to smell the flowers. And I usually end up with a pocket full that we maaaaybe should not be picking. I swear we have the “these are not picking flowers” discussion. All. The. Time.

IMG_5155 She seems to get a lot of attention on that pink bike. Conversations usually go something like this…

Random stranger: Wow, what a nice bike!

Me: Say thank you.

Small child on bike: It’s PINK!


She has biffed it a few times already. Nothing major, the bike is pretty low to the ground. Also, she has a helmet. And she wears it. On her second day out on her bike I pulled a rookie-mom move – which is why she’s sans helmet in these photos. Ooops.

IMG_5152Of course no cool bike is complete without a bell. So she has one of those too.

P.S. If you’re looking for a run bike, balance bike, strider bike (I think they go by a few names)  John Henry Bikes is the place to go. We’ll be heading back there next year when she upgrades to a pedal bike.

Hey, and speaking of bikes, have you ever seen one of these bikes?


8 thoughts on “She wants to ride her bicycle…

  1. I love these photos. What a great idea that adult bike is. Is it made in Germany? I would love to try one of those gliders.

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