Flashback Friday

Wow, kids really have a way of putting time into perspective. It feels like these photos were taken yesterday but, um, who is that little child in the picture? The same child who told me yesterday that I was her “bestie”. And the same child that likes to tell her dad that he’s the “best boy in the whole world”. The same child who was belting out Sam Cooke’s You send me, from the bathtub last night. Oh, and the same child who (thank goodness) told me yesterday, before walking into a strangers unit, “Mom, this is not our floor”. Ooops. Is it possible that after only three years of me taking care of this little child, she is now returning the favour and taking care of me? Oh no, at this rate, she’ll be cutting my steak into small pieces and wiping the food off of my face at meal time by next summer. Okay, maybe not that quick, but she sure is reminding me to cherish the days…they disappear pretty fast.

IMG_3135IMG_3097IMG_3088IMG_3022IMG_3125IMG_3007 Have a great weekend!


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