This Season

tumblr_mkuanrMGc41ql12rmo1_500 Yesterday was full of blue skies and sunshine.  Since J had a full morning of events, including one birthday party, I had some free time on my hands. Sometimes I wish I would just sit down, read a magazine, catch up on some news, take a nap (man I could use one of those – what do they feel like again?), turn off all electronics, something like that. But since I wrote my final exam last Friday (and have been avoiding my floors for longer than I’d care to admit) I felt compelled to do some cleaning, you know, clean the  tub, wash my sheets – in my books nothing beats climbing into clean, bounce smelling, ironed sheets – okay, I did not iron them. But I thought about it. And that was all while the sun is shining. Shame on me. Everyone in Vancouver knows that rain is always right around the corner so we should take in those rays while they are around. Thankfully the sun was an all day event so I didn’t totally pooch the day. And bonus: I can now walk around my place without picking Cheerios and dehydrated broccoli (yum) out of in between my toes. A real win I’d say. Here’s a few shots I took on our afternoon stroll. I don’t know if there’s a season that I love more than spring.

IMG_5532IMG_5520IMG_5527IMG_5524IMG_5504IMG_5510IMG_5506IMG_5514IMG_5536IMG_5500 We made it outside for a long stroll after nap time. I convinced J that she should start training for next year’s Sun Run so every once in a while she’d pop out of her stroller and burst for a couple of blocks. I just bit my tongue the entire time since those two left feet that have an amazing knack at finding cracks in the sidewalk (that seriously jump out of no where!) But I am happy to report that she made it home wipeout free!

Hope you have a good week on the go.

Top image via the style files 


2 thoughts on “This Season

  1. You definitely seem to have the writing gene as well as an amazing knack for capturing phenomenal photos. Nana would be so thrilled to read all your commentaries. I must also let Uncle Bruce in on your website. He would also enjoy your way with words.

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