A few reasons why we love Granville Island…

IMG_5610IMG_5607IMG_5602IMG_5611 I’m not sure that I’ll ever get bored of a trip to Granville Island. From the flowers to the fish, there’s always something eye-catching and more importantly, so many tasty treats!

IMG_5640IMG_5628IMG_5623 I had pasta on the brain the other day and not the dried stuff, we wanted the real deal fresh pasta (it just tastes worlds better!) Duso’s has a nice selection and the staff are always super friendly.

IMG_5613IMG_5615 I was looking for farfalle to make pasta Primavera but since that wasn’t available I grabbed some pappardelle – it was delicious!

IMG_5631IMG_5621IMG_5637IMG_5639And it would be a crime to leave Granville Island without grabbing a Lee’s donut. They. Are. Amazing. I grabbed a jelly donut that was still warm (!) and then explained to J what the word “oozing” meant. Seriously, go to Lee’s.

IMG_5633IMG_5646IMG_5648IMG_5643 So, it’s no Venice but there’s a ton of resident pigeons which never fail to entertain all the little feet running about.

IMG_5654IMG_5598IMG_5653   Somehow, I’m not entirely sure how, we made it out of Granville Island without visiting the Kids’ Market. I think that maybe eating an entire honey-glazed donut distracted J just long enough to get her back on the boat.

IMG_5655  Judging by the smile on her face, I’d say she wasn’t too concerned.

Have a great weekend!

p.s. Here’s the recipe I used for the Pasta Primavera that night. It was really light and flavourful. Also, it was the perfect way to use up those veggies that are not going to cut it in a salad but are ideal for roasting. My family’s not big on zucchini so I added broccoli instead.

p.p.s. Click  HERE  for another trip to Granville Island in 2012


4 thoughts on “A few reasons why we love Granville Island…

  1. Love it! I can’t believe we haven’t been there with you guys yet. We miss you and I’ll have to send you a picture that Aria drew of Julia yesterday. There are a lot of curls involved!

  2. You take the best pictures, love seeing Granville Island through your eyes…and what a perfect way to end the day, with a delicious Lee’s donut!
    xo Cara

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