A Portrait 05/13

A couple of months ago I started this little project: a portrait of my child, once a month, each month through to 2014.IMG_5779Yesterday, what started out as a bike shoot (I’m selling my bike on craigslist) quickly turned into a portrait shoot, since, as I should have guessed, asking a three-year-old to stay out of the picture is so not going to happen.

IMG_5763IMG_5769IMG_5788IMG_5784 So sad to say good-bye to my cruiser (or as my husband calls it, the magic school bus) but the no gears thing no longer works when trying to lug a 35 pounder up hills. Time for a smaller, city bike.


See that fat little cheek? That’s half chocolate Easter egg (we still have some of them kicking around) and half because she walked into her bedroom door yesterday. *Sigh. And see those rain boots? It’s not raining here at the moment. But I’m starting to learn that arguing with a three-year-old over what to wear is just not worth the energy most days.

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P.S. Here’s two bikes that I love, HERE and HERE

P.P.S. My husband would need to be in BIG trouble before he’d ever agree to roll on one of THESE. But it would make me reeeeally happy!


2 thoughts on “A Portrait 05/13

  1. You catch beautiful and fun moments with Julia. You’re a wonderful photographer, Connie.
    You obviously caught the bug from your mom.
    Love Marcia

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