Cinco De Mayo

IMG_6056 As a little nod to our past restaurant days of throwing wild Cinco De Mayo parties, on Sunday, we cooked up a couple of plates of Huevos Rancheros – I don’t know why we don’t eat this for breakfast more often. Move over Pancakes!

IMG_2444 After morning ballet, we packed our beach bag, left daddy to get some reading done, and had a little grassy picnic.

IMG_6064She danced…

IMG_6084…and picked some flowers.

IMG_2448 Then, because it was so hot, we decided to go stick our feet in the ocean. It was super cold, but it felt really nice. J asked if we could go in. Guess we’ll need to wear our “bitinkees” next time.

IMG_6118 Look at that blue sky! What a nice day for those who ran in the marathon. Fingers crossed for some more sunny days this week.

IMG_6086 That little boy was working hard to make that stick stand up…

IMG_6087…but somebody I know kept on knocking it down. Ah, three.

IMG_6089IMG_6111 Kids have the cutest feet! And sand in-between toes, well that’s up there with best feelings in the world. As long as you’re at the beach, that is. Once home, sand is not that cool. And it always comes home with us. We had a sand stomping lesson yesterday. And I might have to take a page from my mother-in-law’s book and start hosing J down with a garden hose before going inside. Brilliant.

IMG_6104I’m so glad sundress weather has arrived since it is practically the only thing that J wants to wear these days. ‘Cause you know, “princesses DON’T wear jeans!”.

IMG_6116 We tried to build a sandcastle. We’re not pro yet but we’ll be working on it this summer. There’s also talk of burying daddy in sand. Ha.

IMG_6099Leaving anywhere these days seems like a huge challenge, be it from home to go somewhere, or trying to get home from the beach. It’s a slow process that requires patience. I’m not naturally a patient person (who knew?) so this must be good for me, right?

IMG_6124 We rolled in an hour after nap time, and when daddy went to read books to J, I made myself a Pink lemonade. With Tequila. And Triple sec. And Lime. Okay, it was a Pink Lemonade Margarita. What? Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Monday. Betcha the word on the street today will be “sunburn”.  A good sign that summer is on its way…

P.S. Our super easy Huevos Rancheros: Pan-fry corn tortillas in a bit of oil then spread with warm refried beans, top with sunny-side up eggs, ladle some enchilada sauce over the eggs (we used canned from the European deli on Davie street obviously fresh is way better if you’ve got the time), sprinkle eggs with feta cheese (or queso fresco if you can find it), toss a couple of slices of avocados on top and serve with fresh tomato salsa. Lime garnish.

The salsa we made was dead easy: 1 large tomato, half a jalapeño, a big squeeze of lime juice, 2 tbsp chopped cilantro, 2-3 tbsp diced white onion, salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.



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