On Motherhood

Untitled_2_3Mothers are truly amazing people. I’m not entirely sure that I knew that before becoming a mother myself. Not to say that I didn’t appreciate my mother or grandmothers, I did; I just had no idea how much energy it took to be a good mother. Now that I have a three-year-old, and some of the new-mom fog has lifted, I can really reflect on how hard the ladies in my life worked to make sure that life was good. And because of them, and other amazing mothers in my life, I have the tools (hopefully) to help pass along their lessons, culture, and love, to my own daughter.

It’s pretty neat if you think about the many things that we teach our children that stem from a long line of mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers. I find myself teaching J to make a soup that my Nana taught me to make. No recipe, just by the memory of cooking with her. Also, every couple of weeks when we roast a chicken, we save the wishbone so that once it’s dry we can make a wish. That was something I always loved as a kid – and now J thinks it’s one of the greatest things ever. She always wishes for chocolate. And she always wins. (p.s. the longest piece of bone wins).

This year for Mother’s Day I decided to write a list of a few things that I love about being a mother. Because it’s those few things that make the tough, tiring, messy, emotionally draining, patience-testing days worth all the trouble. The bad – no matter how bad – is always outweighed by the good.

Here’s my list…

  1. Morning hugs: pillow faced, rosy-cheeked, fuzzy hair, stinky breath hugs – I love ’em!
  2. When I get busted for being wrong. This happened to me the other day and it cracked me up. It just showed me that my ‘baby’ is growing up and that she will hold me accountable. I like that.
  3. Watching J run down the street to meet me after work, yelling, “mommy! mommy!”. I know this will not last forever. Talk about lump in my throat.
  4. Honest conversations. I love that kids will say exactly what’s on their minds. i.e. “Mommy, your hair doesn’t look so nice today”. Um, okay, I’ll try harder tomorrow. Thanks.
  5. Random kisses and I love you’s. Hands down, the best!
  6. Talking about dreams. The other morning it was, “I was dancing and you were eating cake”. Hmmm, sounds like a good party!
  7. Hearing “I’m sorry I didn’t listen, Mom”. Whoa. BIG first.
  8. Having someone to have morning dance parties with. News flash! my husband is not big on this.
  9. Taking time to notice things: the leaves growing, the blossoms budding, the squirrel in the tree, worms in puddles, the “naked man!” – okay, we didn’t see a naked man, but J thinks all men without shirts are “naked”. Should be an interesting summer on the beach.
  10. Seeing the love between daddy and daughter. I had the coolest dad and I know that J feels the same about her own.

Wishing all the inspiring, intelligent, funny, and hardworking mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers an amazing Mother’s Day.

*top picture is my mom and me from many moons ago.


2 thoughts on “On Motherhood

  1. Awww I loved reading that. . . . and what a little tough, hair pulling, laughing, fun loving, adorable little girl you were. ( and still are except for the hair pulling)

    For sure Motherhood for me. . . 85% pure joy !!

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