Wee Reads

IMG_7074 Happy Friday! Today I thought I would share some of our favourite reads. J has a pretty good size book collection but we don’t seem to buy many books these days. Instead, we just hit up the library each week so that things stay fresh – for all of us! I love that J will now sit happily by herself and thumb through a book, she is a bona fide book-worm. I blogged about it HERE.

Mo Willems is one of our go-to authors. We own one of his books and just keep taking more of them out on loan. It takes J no time to memorize these funny books and she does pretty great Piggie and Gerald impersonation.


Funny Uncle D sent this one our way. We love it. And truly, some days Children do indeed make terrible pets…am I right?

7949530 My Mom told me about the Fly Guy series and mentioned that her school kids adore these books. I’ll admit, I really dislike flies and kind of avoided it for a while. Now it’s all fly guy, all the time. We can’t get enough of him and we think he’s pretty cute. For a fly.


This book lives at Grandma’s place and J really looks forward to reading it when we visit. You just can’t help loving little Molly Lou Melon and the advice that her Grandma gives her, like “walk as proudly as you can and the world will look up to you”.


Maybe it’s just me, but I rarely get through this book without tearing up. It requires a few deep breaths to get through the last pages, but it’s a great read that we go back to again and again.


Two thumbs up for all Julia Donaldson books. They are catchy and fun and always have a great flow. Plus, we tend to give extra points for books that rhyme. Soooo good!


This book has pages torn and taped but we love, love, love it. For starters, does the girl on the front remind you of anyone you know?! And the lessons in here are really fantastic and so perfect for young minds. Good find, Grandma.


J received this as a gift. And while I loved it straight out of the gates, it was bit too old for her at the time. A couple of weeks ago we pulled it off the shelf again, Et, voilà! a new fave. J keeps talking about “The Audrey Look” and I think she really loves the part where Audrey learns how to create several different outfits with one simple scarf. Thanks again, Auntie C!


Hope you have a fun weekend planned and that you’ll find some time to relax with your favourite reads….



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