He did it!

Let’s go see Daddy wearing a dress and a funny hat. That’s how I got J pumped up about the convocation ceremony on Tuesday. But wow, did he ever earn that dress and hat. Being a Dad, Husband, and a full-time MBA student is no easy gig – but he did it! And made it look kind of easy. And we couldn’t be more proud. IMG_7506

IMG_7495IMG_7485IMG_7502 Waiting for the ceremony to begin required a bit of patience – not something that most three-year-olds possess. But thankfully there was just enough noise, people and water features to keep the wee one entertained.

IMG_7498IMG_7499IMG_7509IMG_7517IMG_7524 She was so excited when her Dad finally showed up in the sea of blue robes…

IMG_7528…maybe he was a little excited too.

IMG_7527IMG_7561IMG_7554 The proud Great Grandparents.

IMG_7571IMG_7581 The proud Mother.

IMG_7578 What’s this? A family picture? Wonders never cease.

IMG_7585Terry Fox definitely grabbed her attention.

IMG_7560 Way to go, honey! We love you.


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