I love you because…

JCS March and April 107When I was a teeny tiny baby and going through the “purple crying period” it was your arms, your warmth, and your calm voice that would finally let me (and mommy) sleep.

IMG_3682You taught me how to make this face…

IMG_7237 You teach me about sports. And sometimes you even let me play with your “Johnny Elfboy” doll. (That would be John Elway – and “it’s an action figure – not a doll!”).

IMG_0228You gave me my first taste of snow…and even warned me about the yellow stuff -thanks!

IMG_3351 You give me a good view of my world…but I’m still not allowed to eat ice cream up there. Boooooo!

IMG_3963 You bring me flowers…

IMG_4607 You taught me to never turn my back on the ocean, a little something you learned from your beach-house days…


But Dad, I’ve got to tell you, the thing that I love the most about you…is the way you share your donuts. Seriously, keep up the good work – you are the best!

IMG_6393 Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! Just like last year, I think you’re pretty rad….xo


4 thoughts on “I love you because…

  1. I looked for the “like” button on Dave’s comment. I think you should have this one made into a book for Julia, and of course for Colin.

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