Wee Cheers

Once upon a time we ran half-marathons. Okay, okay, he ran half marathons and I ran one. These days we’re more into the spectator side of things…especially when our good friend is one of the participants. Here are a few photos of Sunday’s Scotiabank half-marathon.

IMG_8097IMG_8087 People like this impress me so much. How is it possible to run for two hours in a, um, what is that anyway? A dinosaur costume?

IMG_8081IMG_8101 Runaway Bride?

IMG_8092 A kind man offered J his cowbell…

IMG_8095 …but she decided it looked much better as a hat.

IMG_8096J asked if we would see a gingerbread man running. Guess what…?! You can’t catch me I’m the…

IMG_8067IMG_8108 There she is! So close to the finish line!

IMG_8121IMG_8133 After the race, these two little things ran around for a bit…

IMG_8152…and had a little shoulder ride on the dads with their matchy matchy hair cuts…don’t they look cute?


Way to go, CM, you did it!


One thought on “Wee Cheers

  1. I admire running the half marathon, period. Good work CM. I can’t imagine running to the end of the driveway in that dinosaur costume! The bride’s dress was probably pretty cool to run in though.

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