The Lemonade Stand

IMG_8407 We spent last Saturday afternoon on Granville Island at the Redfish Kids lemonade stand at Edible Canada. J was so thrilled to help out with this cool event which aimed to promote awareness of local brands.

IMG_8420IMG_8411IMG_8455IMG_8441IMG_8402IMG_8423IMG_8439 J was the youngest kid there, by far, but the children were all so sweet and welcoming that it really made for a great afternoon.

IMG_8437IMG_8451IMG_8427IMG_8399IMG_8410IMG_8412 As you may have guessed, our little girl was over the moon about her new redfish dress. Isn’t it fun?

IMG_8425  Waving at firemen never gets old. Too bad we couldn’t convince them to come grab some cold lemonade.

IMG_8415  I love how the little ones took their roles so seriously, it really was adorable. One of the boys started calling out, “FREEEEEE LEMONAAAAAADE! And J thought that was funnier than funny and joined in on that train pretty quickly.

IMG_8390 So many people came to  say hello to J. It was really nice and I know that she felt (and is) very loved. Thanks to everyone who came for a visit!

IMG_8430IMG_8384 When the event ended I had to bribe that little girl with some french fries, she really didn’t want to leave. Thanks for a great day, Redfish Kids!


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