6 Years

CC-013CC-022 Here we are six years ago. Husband, you look handsome…and like a bit of a baby.

CC-017Now my dress is packed away, but hey, do you want to renew our vows in another four years or so? Go somewhere tropical? Or pretend that we’re getting married all over again and play dress up? No?

Tiny BubblesCC-002CC-050  When you came down those stairs (to Get me to the church on time), I watched from the window upstairs. I thought I might pass out – I was really nervous. Everybody cheered for you. It was an amazing, goosebumps kind of moment.


CC-086 It was so hot that day that I think you packed your suit with ice packs. I don’t know how we managed that kiss.

CC-206 We should really try to have another dinner at one table with our closest friends and family. That was one of my favourite things about our wedding day.


time for speeches At that moment we had no idea what the next six years had in store for us. Feels like we’ve been through a lot over the years. We have way more wrinkles. We have a baby girl who we love to the moon and back. We survived your MBA. You have more grey hair. Sorry about that.

CC-232CC-245CC-230Thank you for agreeing not to mush cake in my face. If we ever end up renewing our vows let’s try to remember to eat some of that expensive cake, okay?

CC-140 I love, love, love this photo. When all you boys are old and grey older and greyer it would be fun to recreate it and hang them side by side. 

CC-192 Happy Anniversary, love. I’m still thrilled that we chose to share this life together. xo


6 thoughts on “6 Years

  1. Love these pictures. Your wedding was beautiful! I’ve been married for six years as well, and this is the first year that the styles in the pictures have begun to look slightly out-of-date to me. It doesn’t seem to be the case here. 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary Connie and Colin. Wow, six years already? Hope you have a lovely day and evening together:)

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