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4 thoughts on “Blow

  1. Hi there,

    My wife is a kindergarten teacher and Master in Special Educational Needs, and wants to start a blog about the development of children in their play. It’s a small-scale, non-profit blog, of course, for people here in the Netherlands who are interested in different toys.

    Googling for a banner image, we came across a beautiful photo of yours that would be perfect for her blog, namely this one:

    This might sound bold, but we were wondering if it would be OK if she could use that photo for her banner. Since the photo is shot from the back, you would not recognize the girl in the picture. Of course we’d completely understand if you’d rather not have that.

    Just to give you an idea, this is the link to her blog: The kid in the photo is our four-month-old son.

    Thanks in advance for your reply,

    Liesbeth & Niek from the Netherlands 🙂

      1. Hi Connie, thanks! That’s very generous of you. Good luck with your blog and photography, we think your photos are great.

        Kind regards,

        Liesbeth & Niek

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