Tinkerbell and Elvis

Dressing up as Tinkerbell and dancing to Elvis down the aisles of the grocery store could raise some eyebrows and earn you an interesting rep… unless, of course, you’re three-years-old – then somehow people think you’re cute, funny, free. Kids get all the perks, no fair!

So about the Tinkerbell dress: it was a gift from Paris (which J has not failed to mention to anyone who happens to ask her about it) and she has been practically living in it since it showed up the other day. I think it’s cute, her father thinks it has too many sparkles (they do end up everywhere, including his face which is rather adorable) and J just thinks it’s the greatest thing since, uh, I don’t know…her Merida Costume, I guess. One thing is for sure, she is one very happy fairy.


5 thoughts on “Tinkerbell and Elvis

  1. I wish I could dress up & sing like that. Kids do have all the perks!! But, it really is too cute 🙂


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