Gastown Grand Prix

IMG_3476 Last Wednesday we made our way over to historic Gastown to check out the Grand Prix. I decided to drive, and, like usual, I had to drive in circles before I found a parking spot (and I missed the turn and got stuck in traffic)… but eventually we made it and it was worth the trouble.

IMG_8661It was neat to see the streets lined with so many people, and I was thankful for a bit of a summer breeze – I’m sure the cyclists were too!

IMG_8658 J thought the cyclists were pretty great…

IMG_8674 Until she came across this fountain…

IMG_8677 I think we could have stayed here all night. Somehow (bribery, I’m sure) we managed to pry her away from the fountain.

IMG_8686 If you want to cross the street, you need to be fast. And a little pushy. So yeah, I was stuck on the other side of the street for a while. And them some. Ha.

IMG_8684 People were perched in windows everywhere – so many fans and such great energy – cow bell, cow bell, cow bell.

IMG_8786IMG_8689IMG_8693   A storefront that caught our eye…actually, a lot of things caught my eye.

IMG_8795 IMG_8784


IMG_8698IMG_8740Some of the kids (including our own) peeked underneath the fence to see the bikes whiz by – it’s crazy how lighting-quick those bike move.

IMG_8793IMG_8707 And here’s the shot that  made my night! Wish I was feeling that energetic today. Time for a coffee. Happy Monday!


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