Summer Sandwich

IMG_3569 I haven’t been spending too much time in the kitchen these days – it’s just too hot to do so. Lately it’s been all about finding ways to spend more time outdoors and keeping things simple. This crab and avocado sandwich was a tasty departure from my boring tuna fish sandwich. It was tasty, healthy, and super easy to make.

You’ll need

  • 1 can of crab (of course fresh would be amazing!)
  • 1 tbsp of mayonnaise  – (or more if you like it really creamy) mixed in with the drained crab meat
  • Avocado (mashed, salted, and spread on fresh bread)
  • Red onion (thinly sliced)
  • Arugula or micro greens
  • Capers (just a few for a salty garnish)
  • Plum tomatoes (sliced in half)
  • Radish (thinly sliced)
  • Fresh lemon or lime – squeezed on top of the sandwich before serving
  • Fresh bread (I used quinoa bread but a fresh baguette or croissant would be delish)
  • Maldon salt and black pepper (to taste)

Layer all the ingredients on some fresh bread and you’re in business. This could easily be turned into a picnic friendly wrap or served on crostinis as an appetizer. I may also try baby shrimp instead of crab one day.

Hope you’re having a tasty week…



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