Smell the Flowers

IMG_9366IMG_9357IMG_9352IMG_9368IMG_9363IMG_9377IMG_9356IMG_9359 We spend a lot of time walking around, inspecting flowers, picking up feathers, branches, leaves, and pretty much anything that looks interesting or new to J…including garbage (!) But when it comes to flowers, J seems to know a lot of their names (time spent with Grandma?) and knows which ones smell good, bad, and those that have no scent at all. And even if we’ve smelled that very flower the day before, and even if it does smell bad (some flowers do) she urges me to “smell this one, mom!” My very own helper to encourage me to slow down and smell the flowers – something that is tough to do some days. I’m a lucky lady. And there is something that is entirely adorable about hearing a three-year-old say, hydrangea. Maybe it’s just me.

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