Celebration of Light

IMG_9592 If you don’t like crowds then this was not the place to be a couple of weekends ago. This is what First beach looked like on the opening night of the Celebration of Light 2013. And even though this is our third summer hanging out in English Bay, witnessing the volume of people that line the beach to see the fireworks, I still find it pretty amazing and enjoy being part of the crowd.

IMG_9599 It was a special treat to have Grandpa in town for the fireworks.

IMG_9611 The “happy guys” were looking particularly “happy”  in preparation for Pride week. Well done, Vancouver.

IMG_9604 Sundown is such a wonderful time of night. We’re usually reading stories to our wee one at this time, so it’s a treat to catch it every now and again.

IMG_9641Even though this is not the clearest of photos, I had to include it. This is a Grandpa’s in town-I’m up way past my bedtime- cruising the hood-and eating ice cream smile. Gotta love summer nights.

IMG_9682 After a lot of “ooooo’s” and “ahhhhhh’s” we made our way home. Grandpa was on story duty, the the perfect end to a pretty fantastic evening.


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