Making stops along the way…

IMG_0393 Last Friday afternoon we packed the car with coolers, beach toys, and as many things as possible that might prove entertaining for a three-year-old on a six-hour road trip. I am happy to report that J was a serious trooper: it was crazy hot, the ac was working off and on, and we didn’t really make too many stops along the way. Except in Hope for gas and then in Princeton for a mint chocolate chip ice cream, which was a lifesaver, really. That, a lot of licorice, and a hello kitty magnet book got us to Veranda beach more or less in good spirits. We can talk about the ride home another day…once the car seat cover has dried.

IMG_0387 I have one or two or a hundred pictures of our weekend that I’d like to share. I have a feeling it’s going to be a two-part series. A job for another day…

Hope you’re having  a great week!


p.s. As far as I’m concerned, no road trip is complete without a little hip, which makes me feel kind of old. But I still think they are awesome.


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