Veranda Beach – part 1

IMG_0430We spent last weekend in Oroville, Washington with friends at their beautiful cottage. It was such a nice change of pace from the city and great to catch up and chill out. Oh, and eat. We did a lot of that, too. And speaking of eating, it would be a crime to visit Oroville without stopping at Tacos Jalisco. We’re talking legitimate Mexican tacos for a buck fifty each. So good. Ridiculously good. And even though the dinner plan for the evening was tacos, we had to stop in for a morning snack before we hit the lake.

IMG_0434IMG_0486IMG_0479This little man was breaking hearts all weekend long…

IMG_0415…and these two little ladies played beautifully together. Three cheers for the moms who had them napping and going to bed at the same time. And can I tell you that black-out curtains at the lake mean 2.5-3 hour naps during the day! Translation: happy kids, happy adults.

IMG_0511IMG_0452While the wee ones were taking their long, long naps, we ate homemade pizza and played big two.

IMG_0470IMG_0548IMG_0523After naptime, the girls had fun playing with the sprinkler. As a parent there’s no better feeling than seeing your child burn energy and have a good time.

IMG_0530IMG_0518IMG_0532IMG_0519IMG_0501Beach. Bocce.


IMG_0514 Beautiful.

IMG_0566This shot kills me: Hey, Dad, I’ve got my sunnies, you got everything else? Come along!

IMG_0562After our morning taco delight, we were feeling like perhaps some evening margaritas were in order. We also made berry popsicles and spiked them with a splash of tequila for good measure. The kids shouldn’t get all the fun, right?

IMG_0569Cooking and eating with friends is the best! My favourite dish was the elote: boiled corn rolled in sour cream, mayo, chillies, salt, parmesan cheese and fresh lime. I mean, how good does that sound?!

IMG_0567IMG_0591IMG_0594I might smile this wide, too, if someone would just pull me around in a wagon. Fuuuuun!

IMG_0552After dinner (and after the kids were in bed), the French connection rolled out with this homemade beauty. A nectarine tart. Melissa, recipe s’il vous plaît!


6 thoughts on “Veranda Beach – part 1

  1. How do you stay so slim, Connie, when food is obviously a delight for you and your family. Great photos! They always make me either smile or get hungry.


    1. Thanks, Auntie Marci, glad to hear they make you smile 🙂 I’m not so sure that after this summer I am so slim anymore, but for the most part, chasing around after J and keeping our car parked seems to help. But speaking of slim, Mom tells me you’re a bit of a gym buff, way to go, it must feel great! xo

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