Veranda Beach – part 2

IMG_0658IMG_0605We eat pretty well at home, but man, do we ever eat well when we’re on vacay! Olson came up with this brilliant idea to feed the crew: it’s a cheese strata, similar to the Best of Bridge ‘Wife Saver’ that we’ve had a couple Christmas mornings over the years, but hers had a hashbrown crust on the bottom instead of bread. She layered a casserole dish with shredded spuds, browned them in the oven, then added the eggs and cheese and baked. We topped it with green onions and fresh salsa from the previous night. It was crazy good and just a little more fun than the proverbial egg scramble. I clicked around a bit and found this tasty looking strata, I’m not sure that it’s kid friendly, but wow, does it ever look amazing!

IMG_0611IMG_0612IMG_0647The little chicks enjoyed some homemade popsicles. They were dead-easy to make: stir some plain yogurt with some honey and sugar to taste. Blend up some fresh (or frozen) berries with a little more sugar (or none if you’d prefer) and some juice (we used cranberry and apple) just to get the berries moving in the blender (you’re looking for a slurpee consistency). Layer the berry blend, yogurt, and then more berries. Let freeze overnight. There’s so many delicious variations of this – one of my favourites is peach, orange juice and coconut. Oh, and if you’re making this for the big kids (adults), might I suggest a tiny splash of Malibu rum. 

IMG_0642IMG_0664Uncle ‘Hammer’ set up a fun little soccer drill for the girls. I was so proud to see J listening and trying hard to follow instructions. Grandpa Bill, maybe she’ll be the next soccer star?

IMG_0679IMG_0667Here’s the running backwards part of the drill.

IMG_0662IMG_0616Nothing like cooling off in the lake after some midday sports…


IMG_0622IMG_0771After dinner, a posse of little girls congregated on the grass to play. Two of the girls shared the same name as J. She thought that was the coolest thing. Ever.

IMG_0778I think those little girls could have played all night…

IMG_0765IMG_0768 but they came running home as fast as their two little feet would carry them when they heard this one word…


IMG_0784In my humble opinion, no summer vacation is complete without these magical little sandwiches. Come to think of it, why do we only eat S’mores in the summertime? New rule: we should eat S’mores year round. Agreed? And, in case you were like me and didn’t know that August 10th is National S’mores day, perhaps we should all just eat one tonight to make up for that oversight?

Have a great Monday!


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