IMG_1234IMG_1241IMG_1255IMG_4012IMG_1248IMG_1253IMG_4011IMG_1245IMG_1236 We drove past this cool old gas station last weekend while we were camping at Cultus lake. I got completely sucked in by the colours and the skeletal remains at the pumps. Couldn’t you imagine this as a great place to take some fun wedding photos? We had to take a snoop around. Okay, it was a bit spooky: lots of broken glass, overgrown weeds and an exposed bathroom outback.  We poked our head in the garage, and for a second I thought, my gosh, what if someone is living in here? Then I started to think about snakes. And wild dogs. Zombies. Thanks, Hollywood.

*note: Our little three year old was the photographer for the shot of me. Not half bad, I’d say.


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