Girls Camping Weekend

IMG_1194IMG_1267IMG_1218IMG_3965IMG_1449IMG_1454IMG_1221IMG_1435IMG_1446IMG_1387IMG_1391IMG_1413IMG_1415IMG_3988IMG_1492IMG_1497IMG_1502IMG_1503I love, love, love camping. And for a second year, so does the little girl in the heart shirt. So much so, in fact, that she told me that she wanted to stay for “55 days”. Okay, perhaps I don’t love camping that much. That might be pushing it. Three nights was perfect and it gave us enough time to do those things that make camping fun: we played cards (J now knows how to play ‘go fish’), we ate a lot of tasty food (extra bacon, of course), listened to our favourite music, and cruised around with flashlights (this is very cool when you are three). The weather was not fantastic, so we didn’t spend a ton of time in the lake. Alright, I spent no time in the lake, thank goodness that Auntie showed up and was a trooper. She and J didn’t mind that it was cold. And that there were swimmer’s itch warning signs everywhere. Nope, they just jumped on it and rinsed off quickly afterwards. Way to brave it, girls.

On Saturday morning, some friends showed up with fresh muffins and coffee. We were a wee bit spoiled for ‘campers’. But I think we did alright at that camping thing, unless of course you saw the comedy of us trying to hang a tarp when it rained. In the end, it was my photo gear (and my sister’s patience) that saved the day – a tripod was used to prop up a tarp over the picnic table. Survivor material? Probably not. But we managed to eat well, stay dry, and not burn our eyebrows off when we lit the BBQ. Oh, and somehow my sister convinced me to stay up until 3 in the morning on our last night. Thanks, sister. And Bravo, ladies. We’ll do it again.

p.s. some photos of our trip to Cultus lake last year.


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